Night’s Carriage

By: John Vahedi

Early, I stir to the crying call of my child

whom suddenly has come alive. Beguiled

by his smile, I carry him against my chest

in the hazy darkness. Awhile his tiny body rests

I wonder, am I possessed? Forever with you, in vain

I could remain obsessed. Escaping on an airplane,

his excitement a reflection of mine: clutching

him as to feel us as one. Embracing his faint touch,

nervous for our imminent departure. This silent sound

I suffer; when will his heart stop to pound?


I wake up to a boring hum and subdued light.

My eyes drift from far to near, from blurry to clear.

I extract from my mind where it had gone in fright.

And, within the frozen gaze of my heart, lives again my fear.


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