By: Joshua Blau

They come unexpected

Roving halls of slumber

Seeking times

Emotion rules

Or plots coups

Unseen at night

Against backdrops

Of thought unheeded.

They arrive and

Suddenly everything is

Different and

Joyous and there is

Hope where

There was

Nothing before but


They fester, furrow, nest in mind,

And don’t let go until dismissed,

Their grasp on want too strong to loose.

Their hold on me too deep to stand.

Their viscous tendrils bedded now

In feather-beds of wondered awe

And sleep the many days away

But waiting, waning, weathering.

They start to fade now slowly.

So long has passed, more time

Than ought for happenings,

Developments, or actions taken.

Withdrawing, out of energy

They crawl back to their places

Unknown to victims or themselves.

They fleet in memory, whispers strained.

I can’t hear the notes anymore.

Woe that the music has stopped!

Tormenting wonderfully

The befuddled souls of witless

Players without orders to fulfill!

Can I bring them back now

They are gone, now

They cannot wish upon me bliss

To leap towards heaven or demise?

For they have left me naught,

But maybe in the future



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