Peace Love Revolution

By: Ariela Greengart

Gutwrenched frustration caused by reckless damnation in a hateful and shameful destructive anihilation.

Bitter cries in the depressed and lost eyes of the why oh whys. Wires burning in the skies disorienting the blind due to hidden truths of hypocritical dictating suits spreading camaflouged lies.

Not a care or a share to the frail ones who stare trapped in the lions lare with dead eyes and long hair only fed by the ones who dare to be there.

The blackened youth medly taken advantage by the elderly who accuse them to be deadly leading to anarchy against the saintly dwelling in apathy ignoring the sympathy within the empathy.

Silver cuffs slapped rough by the tough onto the wrists of the gruff who simply love and just have had enough and want it all to stop.

Fighting from the sparks in their hearts using art as the start of the strike of the dart to cease the broken hearted of those ripped apart.

To heal the wounds and loosen the noose of the abused with the knocked out tooth who scream the feared and unheared truth yet are refused to be listened to by the only few who have the ‘power’ to choose.

The time has come to shun the gun listen to the sons who have just begun to run in the fields of fun into loved ones arms under the shining sun.

To see the rays of the ending days of the setting haze the world in a daze escaping from the maze ridding from the craze that erupted from the selfish laze.

Leaping in the fields running through the shields not heeding to yield for we will be healed our fate no longer concealed our desires revealed.

No more will we grieve like the wilting trees for we are free as the seas to be anyone we wish to be in a world that sees all of me and the ability to redeem revolutionary ideas to achieve the visionary dreams of a child who dearly holds on to his need to believe


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